Tuition fee in Canada

Tuition fee in Canada is considered to be one of the cheapest in the world. Studying in Canada is such a rewarding investment in your future because of the premier education, an internationally recognized degree, and adventurous cross-cultural experiences you will have. It is necessary for you to calculate how much your education will cost so you can prepare for what’s in store for you.

According to statistics, tuition fees in Canada have the lowest rates compared to other countries. It has been said by experts that the rates of public universities in some top countries were almost 1/3 higher than the tuition for a Bachelor’s Degrees in Canada.

In any case, tuition fee in Canada will vary and be dependent on the university, course, or field of study you will take. Here is the list of courses and their average fees:

Education $5,267
Architecture $5,586
Humanities $5,079
Business Management and public Administration $6,326
Education $4,378
Law $10,039
Medicine $12,438
Performing Arts and Communication Technologies $5,151
Physical and Life Sciences $5,484
Math and Information Technology $6,319
Social and Behavioural Sciences $5,107
Other Health, Park, Recreation and Fitness $5,399
Dentistry $17,324
Nursing $5,103
Pharmacy $10942
Veterinary Medicine $6,628

Canadian universities are known for its high quality education and their methods of teaching are exemplary. Even though that the tuition fees in Canada are low, the educational system are up to par with international standards.

If you are worried that you cannot afford the educational costs, there are plenty of scholarships, paid internships, and part-time jobs that you could apply for. In addition, the government has programs that could help you with the educational costs. If you have any more inquiries regarding the tuition fee in Canada, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you.