Education System in France

In case you are residing in France, your child will get free French education and that will be of high standard. The French education system is divided into many phases. The grades and academic level of your child will exhibit which stream they can adhere to in the final years in the French school system.

  • A student may take into consideration higher education courses in France after finishing the mandatory French education.
  • The education system in France today is highly reputed and is considered to be the finest education system in the entire world.
  • It has got conventional ways of learning, high academic standards and strict discipline.
  • The educational philosophy of the French system of education stresses on usual high academic anticipations and emphasis on the thought analysis and role learning.
  • The students have to prove their prowess in French at a level that will allow them to take up the course of their liking. This can be through an oral and a written test.
  • There are some schools in big cities that provide intensive language classes and have got a special teaching assistant.
  • There are also international sections to assist the new arrivals.
  • The French schools teach modern foreign languages like Spanish or German as a part of the course.

The education system in France is renowned and attracts the attention of the foreign students to a great extent. You may contact us to know more about the education system in France.

Cost of living in France

  • The cost of living in France for international students depends on the lifestyle and where you plan to reside.
  • In case you are renting an apartment, you need to pay for the facilities and for the building maintenance.
  • The cost of the utilities will rely on your property size and also the climate.
  • A lunch for two with wine will cost around 30 Euros.
  • The cost for electricity will be 45 Euros.
  • The internet, cable TV and phone will come in a package deal and these drive the expenses much lower.

The cost of living in France has many benefits and will be suitable for the students who come to study in France. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in France.

Study in France

  • You may utilize the financial aid or get a study abroad program that provides the scholarships.
  • You may take into consideration the fact regarding studying in small cities that are not near Paris for a more genuine French experience.
  • The students can get some discounts in France. You may buy an international youth travel card and you may get a discounted entry to some of the spectacular sights in France.
  • If you wish to study abroad to learn French but do not want to possess a degree, you would want to be an au pair in France.
  • Au pairs may be up to thirty years old. You may arrive in France as a sponsored worker with some sort of exchange program.
  • Au pairs have the privilege to work in France as au pairs. They have got some working hours of not more than thirty hours per week.
  • They can get a transportation card, a room and a monthly stipend of approximately 275 Euros as payment.
  • Families have to pay for ten hours of weekly French language classes for their au pairs.
  • To be an au pair in France is a way of studying French in France in a non-degree program absolutely free of cost.
  • The best means to enroll in a direct manner in a French university is to have a good level of French.

You may take a month long intensive French course in a French university. You may contact us to know more about how to study in France and we will assist you anytime.

Work and study in France

  • Most of the international students have the right to work while studying in France.
  • The right to work is applicable to most of the students and that includes those students who arrive in France for the first time.
  • The students are registered in the first year of a university program or registered full time in a language school.
  • France has got a national minimum hourly wage. It is at a gross of 9.67 Euros.
  • You do not need to get a temporary employment authorization so as to work part time during your study time.
  • International students are eligible for various student’s jobs at universities and other public institutions of higher education.
  • Many of the students are hired by contract to help the students, tutoring, IT support and assistance.
  • Contracts are there for a maximum of 12 months. The students are entitled to work for 670 hours between September 1st and June 30 and also 300 hours between July 1st and August 31st.
  • The students who are under contract pursue their studies and work at a great pace.
  • The contract suits the need of each student programme in order to make sure great academic success.

To work and study in France for international students is quite interesting and one has to abide by the rules and working conditions. You may contact us to know more about how to work and study in France.