IELTS Coaching / Training for IELTS Preparation

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an internationally accredited test for students who need to demonstrate their ability to proficiently write, read, listen, and speak in English. If you need to take the IELTS, it is very important to make the necessary preparations to ensure your success. And what better way to prepare for the test than to obtain IELTS coaching services from ISA Migrations?

Why IELTS Training / Coaching at British Overseas?

  • Demo class daily (Mon-Fri): 9:30 am to 1:30 pm/ 2:30 to 5:30 Pm
  • Quality learning experience with expert teachers.
  • Private individual attention
  • Class size limited to 20 students only
  • Facility of grammar classes to the candidates by experts
  • Good curriculum design
  • A warm and friendly environment
  • Morning and Evening batches(for Service persons) are available
  • Great infrastructure and accommodation
  • Special focus on Speaking Skills
  • IELTS Training at British Overseas trains you to have a compulsory test for IELTS in order to study in Australia.
  • The ISA Migrations IELTS course structure comprises of reading which is for sixty minutes and the scoring scale is from 0 to 9 bands.
  • IELTS coaching at British Overseas also trains you for the listening section that is for forty minutes and the scoring scale is from 0 to 9 bands.
  • The IELTS Training at British Overseas will train you for speaking also which is from 11 to 14 minutes and the scoring scale is from 0 to 9 bands.
  • The test in speaking is an active interaction between the examiner and the candidate. Contact us to know more about the IELTS training methodologies.
  • The British Overseas Education Consultant have got the expertise in training you on all the aspects of the IELTS examination.
  • It is highly essential to take IELTS coaching to qualify for IELTS.
  • There are systematic modules devised by the British Overseas, make the students learn IELTS without much difficulty.
  • Contact us anytime to know about how to get trained for the IELTS examinations.
  • IELTS coaching at British Overseas has got the finest infrastructure.
  • We have got infinite space for practice and have highly experienced trainers. We have got organized classes and flexible batches.

We provide a comprehensive and exceptional training so that the students can qualify all the sections of the IELTS examination. We specialize in providing an online and offline mock test.

At British Overseas, we can help you pass the exam with flying colors by providing you with proper instruction and guidance, as well as learning resources that will help you improve your command of the English language.


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