Let Us Help You With GRE Preparation

The GRE or Graduate Record Examination is administered to students who are seeking admission to graduate courses including, but not limited to management, arts, and science courses. Because the GRE is tough, it’s important that you make the necessary GRE preparation.

We aim to prepare you for the GRE or the graduate record examination. It gauges the verbal, analytical and analytical writing skills of the students who want to pursue their studies abroad. This test wants to help the graduate schools to evaluate the potential of the applicant for the advanced study. Many of the universities in American ask for the GRE scores.

GRE coaching at British Overseas prepares you for GRE test that has three components – Verbal, quantitative and analytical writing assessment in the GRE test structure. You can contact us for more information on GRE coaching modules or GRE training.

The American based educational testing service functions under the GRE and administers the GRE. The study abroad consultant at British Overseas is responsible for training, conducting of the mock tests and preparation of the course modules for the students. For any enquiry on GRE training you may contact us.

We can enhance your chances of getting admission to the finest institutes. Any individual may undertake the GRE examination and he or she might have any educational qualification. You need to be a graduate in order to begin your Masters Program.

GRE is provided on all the working days in India. One can take GRE infinite number of times and with a gap of twenty-one calendar days between the two assessments. A person may give the test five times in a calendar year. It is recommended not to give GRE several times as it may impact the candidature of the candidate. The score of GRE may be valid for five years from the date the test was conducted. You may contact us to know more about the GRE coaching or GRE exam.


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